government fitout


project snapshot

708 sqm
12 weeks





open plan and forward thinking

A stunning open plan workspace designed for collaboration and interaction.


DHA’s recent relocation from an oversized space in the suburbs provided their team with a refreshing new home and also required a fairly significant change in the way they work. Traditionally they had separate offices and could keep to themselves. Their new home provides a shared informal reception, a café where they can all come together and mostly open plan workstations. There is an abundance of quiet rooms, meeting spaces and rooms that are fitted with the latest in technology to allow meetings to occur with interstate entities while still on the ground in Newstead. The new space is also quite forward thinking in terms of sharing spaces, spaces with dual purposes and finishes.

All of this was delivered on a modest budget and in a very tight timeframe by Tender awarded fitout contractor Focus Fitout Specialists. Ellivo were required to incorporate the DHA manifesto wall, designing graphics that represented their values that is visible to their staff in a graphics wall every day.

The results they agree are outstanding, with a new energy amongst staff who are now proud to show off their home and happy to come to work. Collaboration and interaction is up and the shift to open plan has been seamless. DHA still manage a quiet environment and productive team despite the lack of walls and they enjoy being the envy of other DHA offices.